Management Services

 No two communities are the same.  They have their own needs and expectations. 

That is why Seabreeze Management Company, Inc. is extremely proud of the unique teamwork approach we have developed for providing a personalized level of service that goes beyond what one would normally expect from a property management company. 

It all starts with the demands we make upon ourselves. Each Account Executive is a graduate of the CACM® Certification program and participates in the ongoing Professional Management Development Program of the Community Association Institute. See our Credentials page for more information about these. 

What this means for our clients is that their dedicated Seabreeze Account Executive Team can provide the leadership, knowledge base, and understanding required to apply the most up-to-date industry techniques and technology to their specific community’s needs. 

When you have a new Board Member who requires training, we will be there. When you are developing a five-year budget plan, we will be there. When you have a maintenance problem, we will be there. When you are having trouble collecting a bill, we will be there for that, too. 

Your Team will make it their business to get to know your community as well as you do. That way we will learn to anticipate your needs before they even arise. Now that’s personal service.

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