Financial Services

We are dedicated to providing accurate and timely financial services to your association.  Our financial managers do more than prepare your monthly financial statements, they are an active participant in the financial operations of your community and are available to communicate with you when assistance is needed. 

Monthly Financial Reports Package

Seabreeze provides your association with a monthly financial statement package that includes:

  • Balance Sheet – with current month and prior month actuals
  • Income and Expense Statement – with month and year-to-date actuals to budget
  • Income and Expense Trend Report – a convenient way to review year-to-date expenses by month and category
  • Investment Listing Reports – with rates, terms, purchase dates, maturity dates and account information for all your association investment accounts; detailing all association bank accounts and investments.
  • Reserve Fund Schedule – with month, year-to-date and prior year actuals detailing contributions and expenditures
  • Settlement Fund Schedule – with month, year-to-date and prior year actuals detailing contributions and expenditures for tracking legal settlement funds
  • Check Disbursement Report – with details on check date, check number, payee name, general ledger account number and a description
  • Delinquency Report – detail listing of delinquencies by homeowner or general ledger income category
  • Bank Balance Report – a reconciliation for each bank account with attached bank statements for review
  • General Ledger Report – a detail of all transactions for the month
  • General Ledger Journal Report – a detail list of all journal entry adjustments for month and year end
  • Custom Reporting – provided to suit your needs

Accounts Receivable

  • Process billing statements, e-statements and payment coupons
  • Strict adherence to the Board approved collection policy for delinquent homeowners
  • Process all ownership changes and demands from escrow 
  • Process daily cash receipts both in-house and through our local lockbox
  • Assess fines and violations that are approved by the Board
  • Timely responses to billing inquiries and correspondence
  • Monthly delinquency report with detail and status updates on individual delinquent accounts
  • Ensure monthly status reports are received and provided to Board, from the association’s collection attorney on all delinquent accounts

Accounts Payable

  • Review all invoices for proper approval and allocation of expenses
  • Timely payment and tracking of invoice due dates
  • File IRS 1099 forms for all independent contractors serving the association
  • File State DE-542 forms for independent contractors
  • Track vendor insurance coverage and contractor licenses
  • Track and report on long term job cost

Lien Services

  • Enhanced receivables tracking with in-house lien services
  • Comprehensive receivables management with board visibility at the center of our reporting
  • In-house lien services to aid community finances and quickly resolve delinquency issues. 

Budget Management

Our Account Executives and Financial Managers will diligently work with the Board to prepare both a realistic and a balanced budget. We start the process six months before the fiscal year end to ensure ample time for review and revision by Board.
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